About The Company



Founded in 2010, AxiomZ Technology is privately held company focused on developing all kind of software for small, medium and large sized consumer facing domestic & global businesses. AxiomZ offers a range of IT services in select technologies by leveraging its domain & business expertise. Our offerings span business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, maintenance, re-engineering, independent testing and validation services and business process outsourcing.


We are quite choosy and committed to the technologies we work in. These choices are determined by the business and economic sense the solutions will make; additionally factors like our experience, your business needs, changing industry trends also act as a catalyst in effective decision making. Our strong domain connect helps our clients to maximize the value of their IT spend. We develop and deploy management software (ERP & CRM) that transforms the ability of our clients to drive profitability in their business. We like to solve difficult problems that have huge business impact and bring to bear our distinctive multifaceted skills and knowledge in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Dba Support Services0%
Software Engineering0%
Software Testing0%
Mobility Services0%
Outsourcing Map Digitalization0%
SEO Services0%
Web Development / E-commerce0%
Brand Development & Marketing0%


AXIOMZ TECHNOLOGY is proud of its team. AXIOMZ TECHNOLOGY believes that people are the key for successfully provided high level software development services and more importantly, an ongoing relationship with our clients. AXIOMZ TECHNOLOGY has a clear policy of employing only the very best in their field.


We strive to maintain the highest quality, service, professionalism, and performance in our respective industry. We provide a safe environment for our employees while facilitating a family-friendly attitude in our daily endeavors. We stay committed to innovative product development and production processes in order to be the leader in providing services to our client’s spanning the globe.


By using our best strategy to minimize the difference between technology and the people, and assure propelled degree of satisfaction on their (clients) demand. Want to be a leader in the emerging market in rural and urban region across the nation, and mark our footprint as a best giant in an upcoming rivalry market.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.